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Annals of Translational Medicine
Focused issue on "Lung Cancer Screening"
Guest-Edited by Dr. Witold Rzyman and Dr. James L. Mulshine
Editorial for This Focused Issue Lung cancer screening moving forward »
Percentage distribution Lung cancer epidemiology: contemporary and future challenges worldwide » Joanna Didkowska, Urszula Wojciechowska, et al.
The increase of the absolute number of lung cancer deaths in more developed countries is caused mostly by population aging and in less developed countries…
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lung Risk factors assessment and risk prediction models in lung cancer screening candidates » Mariusz Adamek, Ewa Wachuła, et al.
This review presents how to utilize the risk factors from distinct categories such as epidemiology, radiology and biomarkers…
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10 pillars Implementation and organization of lung cancer screening » Jesper Holst Pedersen, Haseem Ashraf
CT screening for lung cancer is now being implemented in the US and China on a widespread national scale but not in Europe so far…
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Baseline screening The importance of the regimen of screening in maximizing the benefit and minimizing the harms » Claudia I. Henschke, Kunwei Li, et al.
The I-ELCAP has developed a regimen based on evidence collected in the I-ELCAP cohort of more than 70,000 participants…
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Myths facts Advancing and sharing the knowledge base of CT screening for lung cancer » David F. Yankelevitz, Claudia I. Henschke
How we provide this information to a person interested in screening will become of increasing importance as they weigh their decision about…
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cost 2016 reflections on the favorable cost-benefit of lung cancer screening » Bruce Pyenson, Gabriela Dieguez
In recent years, the finance and academic sectors of healthcare have begun to converge, as academic disciplines have come to increasingly appreciate real-world data…
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lung nodule Management of CT screen-detected lung nodule: the thoracic surgeon perspective » Adnan M. Al-Ayoubi, Raja M. Flores
This article presents a brief overview of the thoracic surgeon’s perspective on the clinical evaluation, diagnostic tests and surgical approach to these nodules…
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ex-smokers rate Smoking cessation and lung cancer screening » Jesper Holst Pedersen, Philip Tønnesen, Haseem Ashraf
Smoking behavior may have a substantial influence on the overall effect of lung cancer screening…
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Schematic representation Biomarkers of risk to develop lung cancer in the new screening era » Thomas Atwater, Pierre P. Massion
New molecular biomarkers candidates show promise to improve lung cancer outcomes…
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CAC Coronary artery calcification in clinical practice: what we have learned and why should it routinely be reported on chest CT? » Joseph Shemesh
This review provides the radiologists with helpful information for the daily practice regarding on what is CAC, its clinical applications and how to diagnose…
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table Lung cancer screening in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease » Jessica Gonzalez, Marta Marín, et al.
Patients with COPD included in lung cancer screening programs could also benefit from other interventions, such as smoking cessation and…
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BOOK: Lung Cancer


Vol 4, No 10
(May 2016)

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